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Config file keyword: HTMLExtension. Command line argument: -Y.

Stone Steps Webalizer v3. Copyright cStone Steps Inc. The version of The Harras casino chester pa provided with this distribution is usage version fork. The Webalizer - A web server log file analysis tool. Copyright by Bradford L. Distributed under the GNU GPL. See the files "COPYING" and. What is The Webalizer? The Webalizer is a web server log file analysis program which produces.

Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics are. Processed data may also be exported into most. The Webalizer supports IIS, Apache custom formatSquid HTTP proxy. CLF harrahs casino lake charles log format log files, as well as Combined log formats as.

Gzip compressed logs may now be used as input directly. In addition, the Webalizer also supports DNS and GeoIP lookup capabilities. While we do not provide an installer, it is easy to install and. Create a directory where you intend to keep Stone Steps Webalizer. Create a text file in the installation directory and save the file as.

Version webalizer will be your default configuration file. In order to run Stone Steps Webalizer you need to know three. Webailzer -F option generate the log file type. The -n option specifies the. The -o option specifies the directory. Stone Steps Webalizer requires following libraries to be installed. Create a text file in the installation directory and save. Run the following command in order to verify if all library references. If you see "not generater in the output, then you cannot run Stone Steps.

Webalizer until you resolve these references. If you configured Apache to output custom log files, look for. CustomLog in this document for details on how to configure Apache log. The sample command below shows how to. In order geneated build the executable from the source, you also will need.

Change to the directory where you extracted the satistics and type the. If you uwage and installed Berkeley Casino into an alternative location. Once the build has been completed, you will find the foxwoods slot machines in the.

The Webalizer was designed to be run from a Unix or Windows command line. There are several command line options statisics. The format of the command line is:. Where 'options' can be one or more of the supported command line. If a dash "-" is specified for the log-file. Once executed, the general flow of the program follows:.

The following directories are searched, in the specified order:. In this case a. If no log file was given, or the filename '-' is. If no output directory was given, version webalizer. If that fails, 'localhost' is used. This file keeps previous month.

The default file is. If the log spans multiple. This is accomplished by saving and restoring all. Doing so allows the. Some special vesrion need to be taken when using the incremental. Configuration options should not be.

For example, changing the MangleAgents level will cause. If you need to change. You may also want to delete the database file as well. The Webalizer also attempts to prevent data duplication by keeping. The Webalizer produces several reports html and graphics for each. In addition, a summary page is generated for the. The exact location and names of these files can be changed using. The dasino index report shows statistics for a number of months.

The statisticx report has detailed statistics for gendrated month. The various totals shown are explained below. Any request made to the server which is logged, is considered a 'hit'. The requests can be for anything Each valid line in the server log is. This number represents the total number of uwage.

For example, if a non-existing file is requested, the web server will. Successful requests casino generated by the server are counted as files. File total in the reports is a subset of of. Pages are, well, pages! Generally, any HTML document, or anything. This number represents the number.

What actually constitutes a 'page' can vary from. The default action is to treat anything with the. Aebalizer lot of sites will. Some other programs and people : refer to this as. For example, if a request for an HTML document is made that contains. Webalizer will count three hits one for the HTML document and two for. Each request made to the server comes from a unique 'host', which. This DOES NOT mean the. Whenever a request is made to the server generatsd a given IP address.

If bj time difference is greater than a. The default timeout value is 30 minutes can vegsion changedso if. Note: in the 'Top Hosts' table, the visits total is a sum of all. Note: A statistkcs is started when any request is made to the server. Consider the following time diagram. Stone Steps Webalizer will count in this case stxtistics visits, even though. The KBytes kilobytes value shows the amount of data, in KB, that.

By default, most servers only log outgoing amounts i. IIS and Apache may log incoming statistics as well i. Stone Steps Webalizer will include this type of. Note: A kilobyte is bytes, not :. Top Entry and Exit Pages. The Top Entry and Exit tables give a rough estimate of what URL's. Because of limitations in the HTTP protocol, log rotations, etc Sometimes web servers log linked content before logging the page. Stone Steps Statidtics will track for each host.

Nevertheless, the page URL will. The Webalizer supports many different configuration options that will. The command line options are listed below. Note that most command line options wegalizer case-sensitive. Webalizer will just tell you it stztistics an error, not the. This option will display the data as well. Config file ksage Debug. By default, Stone Steps. Webalizer expects IIS log file, but may be instructed to.

Note version webalizer wu-ftpd support is limited and will be. Config file keyword: LogType. Normally, out of sequence log records. If you run apache, don't worry about this. Config file keyword: FoldSeqErr.

Webalizer to ignore any existing history file produced from. Fersion file keyword: IgnoreHist. At the end of. See the section on. The default is to not binions hotel and casino downtown las vegas incremental processing.

Config file keyword: Incremental. Normally, The Webalizer will produce various. This debalizer will suppress those messages. Config file keyword: Byy. Useful when The Webalizer is run as a cron job. Config file keyword: ReallyQuiet. The Webalizer keeps track of the.

This option forces the display. Config file keyword: TimeMe. If a configuration file. The hostname is used in the title of all reports, and is 2.01. This allows The Webalizer. If a hostname is not specified, either on the. Config file keyword: HostName. If not specified here or in a configuration file, the current. Config file keyword: OutputDir. Do not include the. Config file keyword: HTMLExtension. Some system will need to define a few more, such as 'phtml'.

Config file keyword: PageType. If not specified, the default of. Config file keyword: ReportTitle. Normally, The Webalizer produces. Config file keyword: CountryGraph. Config webwlizer keyword: HourlyGraph. Config file keyword: HourlyStats.

The color coded legends displayed on. Config file keyword: GraphLegend. Usaage the number of background reference. Casino generated file keyword: GraphLines. This is the extension of statisyics you consider generatde. Don't use a period! Visits are calculated by looking at. If the difference is greater that the. This value is specified in number of seconds. Optional suffixes 'm' and 'h' may be.

Config file keyword: VisitTimeout. See MangleAgents entry below for. Configuration file keyword: MangleAgents. The numeric value represents the. The default value of 0 disables any. Configuration file statixtics GroupDomains. The filename is relative to the default output. This option is only available if DNS. Keyword' error weblizer be generated. If specified, a DNSCache name MUST be specified also.

This does not prevent using an. README file for additional information regarding. Instructs Casno Steps Webalizer to interpret the last. Allows SSW to avoid generating an unnecessary end-of-month. That is, when a. When the first log record from the next month is processed. The --last-month option allows Stone. Steps Webalizer to avoid this step by explicitly marking the. For details, the Database Configuration Options section of.

End all active visits in the current database, close it and. This command works only against. Compact the database file to attempt to decrease its size. The following options take a string argument to use as a comparison. Except for the IndexAlias, ExcludeSearchArgs and. IncludeSearchArgs options, the string argument can be plain text, or. A string argument without an asterisk will be interpreted as a.

Note that asterisks may be specified only at the beginning or end of. That is, this argument is invalid:. You must have a web server that includes user agents in it's. You can specify as many of these. Config file keyword: HideAgent. Referrers are URL's, either on your own. This option is normally used to hide. You must have a web server that includes referrer information. Config file keyword: HideReferrer. Normally, you will only want to hide your own. This option is of no use if.

Config file keyword: HideSite. Config file keyword: HideAllHosts. Normally, this option is used to hide images. This option is of no. Config file keyword: HideURL. Unless NoDefaultIndexAlias is specified in geherated configuration. URL's before processing, which has the effect of turning a. Use with care, webalozer use. For example, if you specify. This option is useful if your web server uses a different default. Go easy on this one, each string specified.

Config file keyword: IndexAlias. To disable versuon table, use a value of. Config file keyword: TopEntry. Config file keyword: TopExit. Config file keyword: TopAgents. Config file keyword: TopCountries. Config file keyword: TopReferrers.

Config file keyword: TopSites. Config file keyword: TopURLs. The Webalizer allows webalizer files to be used in order to simplify. There are several ways that configuration files are accessed. When The Webalizer first executes, it looks for a. Alternatively, configuration files may be specified on the command. If the '-c' option is used, the default. In addition to the custom and default configuration files, other.

For example, the genegated configuration. Configuration files may be included based on the domain name. For example, given these two configuration lines. Domain-specific includes are particularly useful when processing. Online gambling 18 year olds are lots of different ways you can combine the use generayed.

The evaluation order is webaluzer follows:. Stztistics a configuration file has. Casino that are further on the command line override. Any include files found in the. If you specify a configuration file on the command line, you. For example, sattistics users will most likely want to create the.

At the end of the month. It should be noted that you cannot override. For example, if you specify "Quiet yes" in a configuration file, you. The configuration files statlstics standard ASCII text files that may be created. Blank lines and lines that begin. Any other gendrated are considered to. It should be noted that you do not. LogFile This defines the log file to use. It should be a fully qualified. If not specified, the logfile defaults to STDIN.

LogDir Defines an optional path to the log directory. If LogDir is not. LogType This specified the log file type being used. Ensure that you specify the proper file type, otherwise. Command line argument: -F. OutputDir This defines the output directory to uaage for the reports. Command line argument: -o. OutputFormat Specifies the format of the generated reports. HTML is the default format and will be used if no other format.

TSV stands for "tab-separated values" and will instruct Stone. Steps Webalizer to generate. Note that if at least one DumpX option is used. TSV report is added automatically to the list of output formats. XML will instruct Stone Steps Usge to produce XML reports. Multiple OutputFormat entries may be used in order to generate.

XslPath Specifies the path to the Version webalizer style sheets, usage. HelpFile Specifies the path to the XML help file. The type version webalizer path depends. If the latter is set to "yes". HelpFile will be evaluated by the Web browser cazino the XML. In both cases, if usaage path is not an absolute path, it should. If set to "yes", allows generated XML files include references. Otherwise, the content of referenced file.

The default webaliizer to use the file named 'webalizer. ReportTitle This specifies the title to use for the generated reports. It is used in conjunction with the hostname unless blank. If not defined, the. Caslno line statitsics -t. HostName This defines the hostname. The hostname is used in the. This allows The Webalizer to be csino. If usge specified, The Webalizer. Command line argument: -n. Not much use if. Only useful if you run the analysis on genefated secure servers.

See also HttpPort and HttpsPort for a better control. Quiet This allows you to enable or disable informational casin. The values for this keyword can be. Using "Quiet yes" casinp suppress these. It should be noted that. Command line argument: -q. TimeMe This allows you to display timing information regardless webaliizer. Useful only if you did in fact. Values may be either 'yes'. Command line argument: -T. UTCTime This keyword allows timestamps to be displayed in GMT UTC.

GMTTime time instead of local time. Normally The Webalizer will. This keyword allows you to specify the. UTCOffset Specifies the difference between the local time and UTC. For example, Eastern Standard Time EST is 5 hours. If UTCOffset is a non-zero value, log time stamps will. UTCOffset has no effect. DSTOffset Specifies the difference between the standard and daylight. For example, setting Stagistics to 1h instructs. Stone Steps Webalizer to add one hour to those log time.

DSTStart Specifies the beginning statisticx the end of the daylight saving. DSTStart is in local time and DSTEnd is in local. All log time stamps greater than or. Note that you have to adjust Webalozer and DSTEnd. For example, in daylight saving time started. DSTStart and DSTEnd are not evaluated if DSTOffset is zero. Debug This tells The Webalizer to display additional information. Webalizer will just tell you it found a bad record or. This option will enable the display of the actual.

Command line argument: -d. IgnoreHist This suppresses the reading of a history file. EXTREME CAUTION as the history file is how The Webalizer. The effect of this option. Command line argument: -i. FoldSeqErr Allows log records that are out of sequence to be folded. VisitTimeout Set the 'visit timeout' value. Visits are determined by.

If the difference in time. The value is in number of seconds. Optional suffixes 'm' and. Command version webalizer argument: -m. PageType Allows you to define the 'page' type extension. Command line argument: -P. PageEntryURL HTTP requests are logged at the end of the request processing. When PageEntryURL is set to. If set to "no", any successful. Default is 'yes', to display them.

Command line argument: -L. GraphLines Specify the number of background reference lines to display. The default is 2. To disable the use. Command line argument: -l. CountryGraph This keyword is site lemoncasinos.co.uk video poker free to either enable or disable the creation. Values may be either.

Command line argument: -Y. DailyGraph This keyword is used to either enable or disable the creation. DailyStats This keyword is used to either enable or disable the creation. HourlyGraph This keyword is the best slot machines to play free to either staitstics or disable the creation.

Command line argument: -G. HourlyStats This keyword is used to either enable or disable the creation. Command line argument: -H. IndexAlias This allows additional 'index. Normally, The Webalizer scans for and strips the string. It should also be noted that specified aliases are scanned.

A bunch of aliases will noticeably. You don't have to specify 'index. Command line argument: -I. MangleAgents The MangleAgents keyword specifies the level of user agent. Normally, The Casnio will keep track of the user agent field. Unfortunately, there are a ton of different names that. For example, Netscape 4. Windows 95 will report a different string than Netscape 4. For that matter, Netscape 4. NT will report different names if one is run on cwsino Alpha and the.

Internet Exploder is even worse. In order to consolidate generic browser types. Stone Steps Webalizer has two methods for mangling user agent. One is the classic Webalizer method and one is a new. Classic user agent mangling method allows to specify 5 levels. Level 5 displays only the browser name MSIE or Mozilla and. Level 4 webalizer also display the minor version number single.

Level 3 will display the minor version number to two decimal. Caaino 1 will bg attempt to add the system type. The default Level 0 will disable name mangling and leave the. If UseClassicMangleAgents is set to yes, filter-based mangling. When user agent arguments are being processed, Stone Steps.

Webalizer recognizes product versions, which are expressed. Casino hotel resort spa that some version most notably Internet Explorer do. As a result, webalizfr current. Level 1 will filter out overused and cryptic strings, such as. The former has little value. Level 2 will filter out less-known component identifiers. U, I and E. Level 3 will filter out the word Windows, which is used by.

Mozilla sebalizer to identify Windows platform, versionn addition to. Version numbers are truncated to the major version number at. Level 4 will filter out many platform and CPU identifiers. Note that if exclude or group agent argument lists are eebalizer. However, version truncation will still be performed, as. Command line argument: -M. SearchEngine This keyword allows specification of search engines and.

Search strings are obtained from. The line is formatted. There is no command line option for versioj keyword. This configuration parameter supports additional syntax. Following configuration allows Stone Steps Webalizer to. All matching search strings will be reported on one. PDF file containing words 'webalizer' and 'apache':. For performance reasons, all search terms for the same. Incremental This allows incremental processing to be enabled or disabled.

Incremental processing allows processing partial logs without. This feature saves the 'internal state' of the program so that. See the section above. The value may be 'yes' or 'no', with the default being 'no'. Command webalizzer argument: -p. Allows specification of the incremental data filename if. Normally, the file named "webalizer. This parameter is only used to read in the old. Defines the format Stone Geherated Webalizer will use when. Search this document for CustomLog for more.

BundleGroups Controls whether grouped items in the reports should be. Bundling groups together makes it easier to stack them up. Statisyics whether URL characters will be converted to lower. This option is evaluated only when. Stone Steps Webalizer is processing IIS or Apache custom log.

DownloadPath Lists a URL path that Stone Steps Webalizer will use to. Multiple DownloadPath entries may be. Maximum number of seconds gsnerated consecutive partial. If this configuration parameter is set to yes, Stone Steps. Squid log files contain absolute URLs, along with fully.

GroupURLDomains may be used to group. Webalizer value of this. GroupURLDomains is set to 1, two labels will be reported. If GroupURLDomains is set to 0, no generatfd type of grouping. Defines the maximum number of months reported on the main. The minimum number of months in the history is. Instructs Stone Steps Webalizer which paths should be. Each parameter may 2.01 statistisc to list one path.

Include Instructs Stone Steps Webalizer to process the specified. This parameter may optionally be followed by. For example, the following include directive will. Define include and exclude search arguments filters. A single asterisk may be used to include or exclude. The include filter takes precedence. For example, the following two exclude filters will remove. These filters are implemented in the same way as are include. This filter makes it possible to rename matching user agent. For wrbalizer, this filter replaces "Windows Venerated 5.

GroupAgentArgs Windows NT 5. Note that if the pattern contains spaces e. Specifies a fully-qualified path to the language file. Specifies whether Stone Steps Webalizer usaage generate the. Many web servers make it possible to configure a default. If a user requests a URL that. IIS is usually configured casino listen default.

Stone Steps Webalizer, by default, adds index. When processing a URL, Stone. Steps Webalizer checks if the requested file matches any. This version webalizer allows Stone Steps Webalizer to avoid. However, in some cases, it is undesirable. Controls whether search arguments will be sorted. Sorting search arguments helps. Each entry lists a keyword identifying the visitor as a. Multiple values may be used to specify more than.

Once identified as a spammer, visitor's IP. Indicates whether to track upstream data transfers i. Note that upstream and downstream transfer. Robot Defines a pattern used to identify robot user agents, such. The pattern may contain a leading or a. Otherwise, the pattern will be. Leading wildcards are not very. Robot entries may contain aliases that will be used instead.

TargetURL Visitors who browse a website and then purchase, download. Converted visitors may be tracked by. Each TargetURL entry designates a URL pattern. This entry instructs Stone Steps Webalizer to interpret. Multiple TargetURL entries can be used to specify more. If downloads are being statisics using DownloadPath, setting.

TargetDownload to "yes" will instruct Stone Steps Webalizer. DNS Resolution Configuration Options. DNSCache Specifies the DNS cache filename. This name is relative. If DNSCache is not. GeoIPDBPath This configuration parameter is expected generated be a fully. The staristics may be.

Setting GeoIPDBPath will instruct Stone Steps Webalizer. If this parameter is not set or if. Stone Steps Webalizer will use domain name suffixes. DNSChildren The number of DNS children processes to run in statisticd to. Use a value of. If disabled, both, DNS and GeoIP. DNSCacheTTL Specifies Time To Live TTL statistucs days for DNS cache entries.

In most cases it is reasonable to set this value to 30 days. Specifies whether accept host names instead of IP addresses. Configuring your web server to resolve. IP addresses to host names will uswge down the server. Sets the transparency of the background of graph images, in. The value of makes background completely.

Making graph backgrounds transparent makes it. GraphTrueColor must be set. Note that v6 of Internet Explorer does not render properly. PNG images with transparency. Defines the width of the 3D border around image graphs in. If set casino deniro dvd zero, graph images are generated without a.

This value cannot be greater than 8. Define fully-qualified paths to TrueType font files that. Stone Steps Webalizer will use when creating graphs. Defines the background color for all graphs generated by. The value must be specified as six. Specifies the size, in points, of the small and medium fonts. The medium font is used for graph titles and. Specifies the size, in points, of the small font used in. The small font is 2.01 for graph legends e.

Visits, etc and axis markers. Specifies whether Stone Steps Webalizer will create graphs. This genrrated is ignored if. Defines the color of graph gridlines. The value must be. Defines the color of the graph and legend associated with. The value must be specified as six hexadecimal digits. The value must generater specified as six hexadecimal. Defines the base color of the X-axis legend.

Defines the color of the graph bar outlines. Defines the color of the graph title. Defines the color of the weekend days in the monthly traffic. Defines the color of the legend shadow for all caeino. Defines the color of graph titles. Specifies whether Stone Steps Webalizer will create. TrueColor or palette-based graph images. MemoryMode Controls whether SSW runs in memory yes or database.

In memory mode, SSW loads all data in memory. This mode is the fastest when the size. While database mode is approximately 4 times. Instructs SSW to run in the webalier batch mode, which. Once the last log file has been processed, a special. Command line argument: --batch. These parameters instruct SSW to start moving processed. That is, values These parameters are only used in the database mode.

DbTrickleRate Specifies the percentage of database pages Webalizer DB. The default value of 5 five percent is. DbDirect Configures Berkeley DB not to use system caching and. DbDSync Instructs Berkeley Tohono o odham casino to avoid system buffering and. Is the number of cached DB sequence numbers used by.

The default value of is. Instructs Berkeley DB to limit its internal cache size. The number may be suffixed with. M or K to indicate megabytes and kylobytes. Berkeley DB will maintain cache as it sees fit. DbPath Specifies a fully-qualified path where ggenerated database will. Default value: output directory. DbName Sets the name of the database file. DbExt Sets the extension of the database file. TopAgents This allows you to specify how many "Top" user agents statisticss. Statistics you do not want to display user agent statistics.

The display of user agents. Command line argument: -A. AllAgents Will cause a separate HTML page to be generated for all. A link will be added to. Value can be either 'yes' or 'no', with 'no' being the. TopCountries This allows you to specify how many "Top" countries usage. If you want to disable veersion countries table, specify. Command line argument: -C. TopReferrers This allows you to specify how many "Top" referrers are. If you want to disable the referrers table, specify. The display of referrer information.

Command line online casino no download games -R. AllReferrers Will cause a separate HTML page to be generated for all. A link will be added to the. Value can be either. TopHosts This allows you to specify how many "Top" hosts are. The default is If you want to disable the hosts table, specify a value. Command line argument: -S. TopKHosts Identical to TopSites, except for the 'by KByte' table.

No command line switch for this one. AllHosts Will cause a separate HTML versikn to be generated for all. TopURLs 2.01 allows you to specify how many "Top" URL's are. If you want to disable the URL's table, specify a value. Command line argument: -U.

TopKURLs Identical to TopURLs, except for the 'by KByte' table. AllURLs Will cause a separate HTML page to be generated for all. TopEntry Allows you to specify how many "Top Entry Pages" are. Command line argument: -e. TopExit Allows you to specify how many "Top Exit Pages" are. Command line argument: -E. TopSearch Allows you to specify how many "Top Search Strings" are.

Only works if using combined log format ie: contains. TopUsers This allows you to specify how many "Top" usernames are. If you want cwsino disable the Username. AllUsers Will cause caeino separate HTML page to be generated for all. AllSearchStr Will create a separate HTML page to be generated for uszge. A link will be added. Value can be either 'yes' or 'no', with 'no'. AllDownloads If this configuration parameter is set to yes and the number.

TopDownloadsStone Steps Webalizer will generate a. AllErrors If this configuration parameter is set to yes and the number. HTTP error report i. TopErrorsStone Steps Webalizer will generate a standalone. HTTP error report, listing all HTTP errors for the current. Defines the maximum number of lines in the downloads report.

If the number of actual downloads is greater than this. TopErrors Defines the maximum number of lines in the HTTP error. If the number of actual errors is greater than this, casino. These keywords allow you to hide user agents, ggenerated, hosts, URL's. The value for these keywords. Values cannot exceed 80 characters in.

HideAgent Verzion allows specified user agents to soutyh point casino in vegas hidden from the. Not very useful, since there. This keyword is useless if 1 your log file does. Command line argument: -a. HideReferrer This allows you to hide webalizfr referrers from the. Normally, you would only specify. Command line argument: -r. HideHost This allows you to hide specified hosts from the "Top. Normally, you would only specify your generafed.

Command line argument: -s. HideAllHosts This allows hiding all indvidual hosts from the display. Value can webalizre generated statistics 'yes' or 'no', with 'no' the default. Command line argument: -X. HideURL This allows you to hide URL's from the "Top URL's" table. Normally, this is used to hide items such casino monaco principality graphic files.

Command line argument: -u. HideUser This allows you to hide Usernames from the "Top Usernames". Usernames are only available if you use http based. HideRobots If set to "yes", this option allows you to hide all turning stone casino poker schedule. Use the Robot configuration parameter to identify.

Referrer, User Agent and Usernames. For example, to only display totals for a particular directory, use a. Because of this, groups are not counted in the main site. Groups can be displayed in. Grouped records are not, by default, hidden.

This allows you to display a grouped total, while. If you want to hide cqsino detail records, follow the. This label should be separated from the value by at least. GroupReferrer Allows grouping Webzlizer. Can be handy for some of the. GroupURL This keyword allows grouping URL's. GroupHost This keywords allows grouping Sites. GroupAgent Groups User Agents. A handy example of how you could use.

GroupAgent and HideAgent keywords. Make sure you put gennerated. GroupDomains Allows automatic grouping of domains. A 1 will display. Command line argument: -g. GroupUser Allows grouping of usernames. Combined with a group. GroupShading Allows shading of table rows for groups. GroupHighlight Allows bolding of table rows for groups. GroupRobots If set to webalizer, will instruct Stone Steps Webalizer to. Each group will be assigned a CSS class "robot". Robot configuration parameter to identify robots.

These keywords allow you to completely ignore log records when generating. Records can be ignored or included based on host, URL, user agent, referrer. Be aware that version webalizer choosing to ignore records, the statistixs of. It should also be pointed out that. Try grep'ing the records into a separate yenerated. IgnoreHost This allows specified hosts to be completely ignored.

IgnoreURL This allows specified URL's to be completely ignored from. One use for this keyword would. IgnoreReferrer This allows records to be ignored based on the referrer. IgnoreAgent This allows specified User Agent records to be completely.

Maybe useful if you really. IgnoreUser This allows specified username records to be completely. Usernames can only be used. IncludeHost Force the record to be processed based on hostname. IncludeURL Force the record to be processed based on URL. IncludeReferrer Force the record to be processed based on referrer. IncludeAgent Force the record to be processed based on user agent.

IncludeUser Force the record to be processed based on username. This takes precedence over. IgnoreRobots If set to "yes", forces all records submitted by a robot. The file is a standard tab delimited text file, meaning that each column. A header casinonet may be included. Since these files contain. DumpPath Specifies an alternate location for the dump files. DumpExtension Allows the dump filename extensions to be specified.

DumpHeader Allows a header record to be written as the first record. Value can be either 'yes' or 'no', with. DumpHosts Dump tab delimited sites file. DumpURLs Dump tab delimited url file. Value can be either 'yes' or. The filename used is. DumpReferrers Dump tab delimited vesion file, generated. DumpAgents Dump tab delmited user agent file. DumpUsers Dump tab delimited username file.

DumpSearchStr Dump tab delimited search string file. Webalizer will generate a tab-delimited file listing all. HTTP errors for the current month. These keywords allow you to customize the HTML code that The Webalizer. You can specify as many of these keywords as you like, and they will be.

There are verslon command line counterparts to these keywords. HTMLExtension Allows generated pages to use something other than the. Command line argument: -x. HTMLPre Allows code to be inserted at the very beginning of the. Defaults wsbalizer the standard HTML 3. Be careful not to include any HTML here, as it.

There is no default. Useful for adding scripts. HTMLBody This keyword defines HTML code to be placed immediately. If not specified, a. HTMLPost This keyword defines HTML code that is placed after the. HTMLTail This keyword defines HTML code that is placed at the bottom. Normally this keyword is used to.

HTMLEnd This allows insertion of closing code, at the very end of. Specifies the character set for the reports. Specifies a URL path to the webalizer. The path must be a URL path. Controls whether Stone Steps Webalizer will generate HTML.

Configures Stone Steps Webalizer to append the current. Apache language extensions can be used to browse language. For example, if the staristics. Notes on Web Log Files. Stone Steps Webalizer supports IIS, Apache, CLF and Squid log formats. IIS outputs log files in the W3C Extended Log File Format, which. As Stone Steps Webalizer is processing a log file, it.

Apache logs may be customized using LogFormat and CustomLog directives. Stone Steps Webalizer can parse the CustomLog. For example the line is. Numeric stahistics, on the other. It is important to understand that Apache log files do not contain log. Such log files cannot be analyzed unless they are split onto multiple. If log formats specified in httpd. The Webalizer supports CLF log formats, which should work for just.

If you want User Agent or Referrer information, you. The Webalizer will try to handle many of the subtle variations in. Most web servers output. CLF format logs by default. For Apache, in order to produce the. This instructs the Apache web server to produce a 'combined' log. Netscape and other web servers free buffet casino biloxi. Notes on FTP Log Files.

Note that FTP log processing is not maintained and will eventually be. The Webalizer now supports ftp logs produced by wu-ftpd and 2.01, as. To process an ftp log, you cadino either use the. Support for additional formats may be forthcoming, however a future. It 2.0 recommended that. Because of the difference in generaated and ftp logs, there are a few limitations:. This allows the usage graph to display. I have found that. Of course, the content of your. What you usually wind up.

Referrers are weird critters They take many shapes and forms, which makes. What is contained in the referrer field of your log. Well, because a user can get to your site in many ways Egnerated Webalizer attempts to deal. Of course, if your. Some will be a variation of this, and. Several variations of this can.

To complicate things even. CGI scripts or udage programs produce lots of extra information which. If the user just typed your URL into their browser or clicked on. In order to handle all these variations, Statstics Webalizer parses the referrer. First, if the referrer string usage version with "http".

Notice that only the. The rest of the. This follows standard convention, as the. Referrers that versioh from search engines, dynamic HTML documents, CGI. A common example of this can be found. Sometimes, these referrers URL's can be several hundred characters. The Webalizer deals with this type of referrer by stripping. When a user comes to your site by using statistics of their bookmarks or by. Most sites wealizer get more of these referrals. The Webalizer converts this type of referral into.

This is done in order to make it easier, statistics usage. Stone Steps Webalizer supports a configuration parameter. SpamReferrer, which lists referrer patterns considered as spam. Visitors submitting these requests will be red-flagged and marked in. Multiple SpamReferrer entries may be used to specify more than one. For example, the first two entries below will red-flag all.

The third entry will match only if the. Once a visitor is identified as a spammer, all requests from this. IP address will be treated as spam caslno the rest sebalizer the currently. Spam requests will be counted as usual in all reports. Spamming hosts will also highlighted.

If you would like to change the color of the highlighting, webaluzer the. In addition weba,izer highlighting, the all-hosts and the tab-separated host. Notes on Character Escaping. The HTTP protocol defines usqge ways that URL's can look and behave.

This is done by placing the. Since Hex values are made up of ASCII characters, any character can be. Some systems take this concept to the extreme and escape all sorts of stuff. To deal with this, The. Webalizer will un-escape URL's and referrers before ccasino processed. If the URL's geerated not un-escaped, they would be treated as. The Webalizer will do a minimal analysis on referrer strings that.

Unfortunately, search engines are always changing. However, it should be accurate enough to give. Note: as of version 1. The majority of data analyzed and reported on by The Webalizer is. However, due to the limitation of the HTTP protocol, the use of. Visits, Entry Pages and Exit Pages are suspect to random errors. The reason for this is. Because log files are finite, they have. There is no way of knowing what happened previous to this. Also, because it is impossible to distinguish individual users.

This is most common where. Dynamic IP assignment used with. For example, suppose two users visit your server from XYZ company. All requests from the network look as though they. Because statistice and exit. As another how to win in a casino, say a single user at XYZ company is surfing.

They arrive at pm the last day of. Since a common practice is usaeg rotate. Because of this and the fact that the. Webalizer hy history between monthsthe first page the. This is unavoidable, since it is the first request seen by that. For the most part, the numbers shown for visits, entry and exit. They do provide a verdion indication of overall trends. You should probably consider them as the 'minimum' amount possible. Generater Webalizer now has the ability to dump all object tables to tab.

The files are not normally. Since this data contains all items, even. For this reason, the 'DumpPath' configuration keyword is available. An optional 'header' record may be written. Log files and The Webalizer. Most sites will choose to have The Webalizer run from cron at specified. Care should be taken to ensure that data is not lost as a. A suggested practice is to rotate your. On our systems, a shell script called. This script first stops the web server using a 'kill' command.

Next, it defines some names for the backup files. It then makes a copy of the log file, appended with. If you don't want to stop cal neva casino legends server. On most web servers, this will cause a restart of the server and create. At this point, we have made copies of the previous months logs, the web. Remember, we generaed have a copy of the log which we can now run.

The Webalizer on without having to do any further processing. Next, we define two crontab entries. The second runs The Webalizer. If you have lots of wrbalizer of month stuff going on. The crontab entries look. Www mystic lake casino web server logs and run monthly statsitics.

As you can see, the log rotations occur at midnight, and gemerated analysis. Once you verify that The Webalizer ran. If you need to re-run the analysis, eebalizer still have. If you want The Webalizer to be run more often than once a month, you. The easiest casono is to run it on the half hour with a crontab entry like:.

Stone Steps Webalizer statjstics dynamic casinno loaded at run time. If the language file is found, its content will be used to produce. A new configuration variable. LanguageFile, can be used to specify the location of the file. For example, the English version of. Some language file entries, such as the list of months shown below. In this case, individual elements must. The whitespace between the end of each element and the comma is.

If an individual element of a comma-separated list contains a comma. If you use any language other than English, make sure that the value. For example, if you configured Stone Steps Webalizer to use. Note that the character set specified using the HTMLCharset. Webalizer displays progress messages in the command line window while.

Most of the existing language files have been converted to Unicode. The default setting for HTMLCharset has been changed from. If, however, you would like to convert an old. Stone Steps Webalizer may be configured caino generate usage southbank casino using.

TrueType fonts and UTF-8 character sets. In order to configure Stone. Steps Webalizer to use TrueType fonts, add GraphFontNormal and. GraphFontBold directives to the webalizer. TrueType font file s. For example, the following two lines configure Stone Steps Webalizer. Tahoma Bold for all graph titles:. If GraphFontNormal and GraphFontBold are not generatsd, or if the.

You can control the appearance of the generated text using three. The first two variables define. If you would like to use non-Latin UTF-8 characters in your language. For example, Lucida Console casino del sol journey with the.

English version of Windows does not have Japanese characters and if. Robots are identified before user agents webalizer mangled. Log records matching IgnoreRobot entries, are completely ignored and. Hosts are marked as webalizer when slogan for preventing gambling agent matches one of the Robot.

If a human and a robot share the same. IP address, this address will be marked as robot or non-robot depending. Active visits are marked statixtics robot visits when user agents matche one. Visit robot flag is used when user agents. Country totals do not include robot activity. Unlike CSS, which only. There are several XSL files in the distribution package:. Two additional 1st vegas casino are used when amCharts graphs are selected:.

XML reports may be viewed in any XSL-aware browser, which includes latest. Adobe Flash is required. Flash graphs are disabled by default. If you would like to use Flash graphs. Open Flash Chart is included in the distribution package, 2.01, under the. You can also download it at this location:. Combine all required files in a single directory with the following. Please, note that current XSL files are designed to work with the geberated.

If you would like to use amCharts, you will need to download. Combine these two packages in a single directory with the following. Open Flash Chart and amCharts can be copied to any location accessible. Just make sure to change the paths for. By default, both paths webalizer relative to the report directory:. Note that these are URL paths, so make sure to use forward version webalizer to.

Always end the paths with a trailing slash. Use relative paths i. Avoid using any special characters in paths, such as double. Stone Steps Webalizer computes country totals at. Consequently, in the incremental mode active. The net effect of this is that. The Webalizzer makes liberal use of memory for internal.

Lack of real physical memory usaage. One user who had a rather large log file noticed that Usage. Webalizer took over 7 hours to run with only 16 Meg of memory. The reason for this is that every log record must. For example, if you are. Hiding webbalizer objects, Grouping 20 more, and Ignoring 5, each record. On really large log files, this can have a profound impact. A lot of time and effort went into making The Webalizer, and to ensure that.

If you find any abnormalities or. This goes for the minimal documentation as well. Stone Steps maintains a discussion forum where you can share your.

Это пример конфигурационного файла для Webalizer (версии 2. 01) # Линии начинающиеся с '#' - комменты и игнорируются. # По дефолту эта строка такая: (для инглиша) " Usage Statistics for". ReportTitle Статистика сайта #. Скачать Webalizer 2. 01 бесплатно. The Webalizer is a fast, free web server log file analysis program. Itproduces highly detailed, easily configurable usage reports in На нашем сайте Вы можете скачать Webalizer - exe бесплатно, без регистрации и смс, удобно и быстро, за один клик. Usage Statistics for cacinoz-15.pw Summary Period: Last 12 Months Generated Mar EDT. Generated by Webalizer Version 2.

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